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In a Discussion About Identifying as Transgender


In a Discussion About Identifying as Transgender

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At the start of this year, famous actor and lead in Umbrella Academy, Elliot Page, openly revealed his identity as a transgender individual. This revelation came as a surprise, as it often does, yet Page received an overwhelming amount of support from fans and supporters (along with the expected negativity that can be found on any public online platform, but that’s life). Since the announcement, Page has kept a relatively low profile on the subject, but in a recent TIME Magazine interview, he openly discussed his current circumstances.

“I was expecting to receive a lot of encouragement and love as well as a significant dose of animosity and transphobia,” Page shared. “And that’s essentially what occurred.”

Despite the contrasting responses, the transition has had a tremendously positive impact on Page’s emotional well-being. “I’m completely authentic,” he asserted.

“This sensation of genuine enthusiasm and profound appreciation for reaching this stage in my life, coupled with a lot of apprehension and unease.”

The primary catalyst for his epiphany was the solitude brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, which afforded him the necessary time and space to introspect. “I had plenty of solitary moments to concentrate on aspects that, I believe, subconsciously, I had been evading in many ways,” Page reflected. “I eventually could embrace my transgender identity and allow myself to fully evolve into who I truly am.”

Page has expressed his desire to utilize his personal journey as a way to enlighten the public about the essence of being transgender and hopefully provide support to those in search of a support system. “Prominent figures are propagating these fallacies and harmful discourses – each day you witness our very existence being disputed. Transgender individuals are undeniably real,” he clarified. “My advantages have enabled me to access resources to overcome obstacles and reach where I am today, and naturally, I aim to use that advantage and platform to assist in any way possible.”

“We understand our identity,” Page concluded. “Individuals cling to rigid concepts (regarding gender) because it offers them a sense of security. However, if we could just appreciate all the remarkable intricacies of individuals, the world would be a much better place.”

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