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Improvised Bedrooms Arranged in Twitter HQ


Improvised Bedrooms Arranged in Twitter HQ

Staff have been silently prompted to rest on the premises.

In the past few weeks, following the significant workforce reduction at Twitter, the new owner Elon Musk has made it abundantly clear that the working ethos of the company is shifting towards rigor. Musk has frequently emphasized a “hardcore” work culture, urging those unwilling to work incessantly throughout the week to resign. As a consequence of this culture, employees are now being prompted to rest on the premises of Twitter’s San Francisco HQ.

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As per a report from Forbes, employees at Twitter who came back to the office at the beginning of this week discovered that various offices and meeting rooms in the building had been transformed into makeshift bedrooms, equipped with “unkempt beds, dull curtains, and large conference-room display screens.”

According to an undisclosed source within the organization who spoke with Forbes, no formal announcement was made regarding the establishment of these bedrooms. “It does not create a positive impression,” they stated. “It’s another implicit demonstration of disrespect. There has been no discussion. Beds just appeared.”

“People are already working late nights, so it makes sense to some extent,” mentioned another undisclosed source.

Although some employees have raised concerns about the need to sleep at their workplace, some have pointed out that, at least, having proper beds is a significant upgrade for them. Previously, those who stayed late in the office were reportedly sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags.

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