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Impossible Foods Introduces Plant-Based Chicken Nuggies


Impossible Foods Introduces Plant-Based Chicken Nuggies

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Chicken nuggets hold a special place in people’s hearts. I, for one, have a strong fondness for them. Recent data indicates a shift towards chicken over beef in the past decade, leading to poultry producers ramping up production to meet the rising demand. The popularity of crispy chicken sandwiches from chains like Popeyes has only contributed to this trend. However, any effort to reduce the consumption of animal-based products is commendable, especially if it doesn’t compromise on taste.

Impossible Foods, recognized as the plant-based alternative distinct from Beyond Meat, has now introduced their all-new plant-based chicken nuggets, crafted from a blend of natural proteins and nutrients. Dennis Woodside, President of Impossible Foods, elaborates on the ingredients, “We utilize soy protein as the foundation to provide the right texture and essential high-quality protein for a balanced diet. Additionally, sunflower oil is incorporated to achieve the desired juicy texture, while basic nutrients like amino acids and sugars interact during cooking to infuse the savory chicken flavor. Furthermore, we employ vitamins for added nutrition, along with common culinary elements such as starch and methylcellulose to bind the product together, ensuring moisture retention and a richer fiber content compared to traditional meat.”

These plant-based nuggets are currently offered in select eateries across the U.S., with preparations underway to introduce a frozen variant to grocery stores by the end of September. Although Impossible Foods aimed for an earlier rollout, the inclusion of yeast-derived heme in the nuggets caused a slight delay. While deemed safe for consumption in the U.S., heme does not comply with regulations in China and the EU, necessitating additional adjustments to the formula.

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