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Hugh Jackman’s Physique Transformation for ‘Deadpool 3’


Hugh Jackman’s Physique Transformation for ‘Deadpool 3’

The journey has presented more challenges than initially anticipated.

The release of the third installment of Deadpool is planned for the autumn of 2024. It was publicly disclosed that this movie will mark the anticipated showdown between the main mercenary, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, and one of his enduring foes-turned-friends from the comics, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is set to reprise his role as Wolverine, a character he has embodied in all prior live-action X-Men films. However, prior to that, he must reattain his Wolverine physique.

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As is customary, Wolverine will have multiple shirtless scenes in Deadpool 3, necessitating Jackman’s return to peak physical condition. When questioned on the Empire Film Podcast about his progress in bodybuilding, Jackman responded that his busy schedule as the lead in Broadway’s The Music Man has made the process significantly more challenging.

“I am currently performing eight shows per week, so I am only able to engage in weightlifting sessions thrice a week. However, once that wraps up in a month, I will intensify my workout routine to once or twice per day. I will then have six months to prepare, and I always approach it with the same mindset each time.”

“My aim is to surpass my previous performances, to be in peak physical form, more capable than ever. I find additional motivation in the prospect of outdoing Ryan Reynolds every day.”

When questioned about the dynamic between the characters, Jackman communicated, “On a scale of ten representing closeness and zero reflecting reality, we are at zero, complete opposites who harbor mutual dislike.”

“Speaking from Logan’s viewpoint, he is exasperated by Deadpool, either wanting to keep a vast distance or resorting to physical confrontations. Unfortunately, in this film, keeping a great distance is not possible, so expect a lot of punches being thrown.”

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