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Hugh Jackman Playfully Requests Ryan Reynolds Be Skipped for Oscars


Hugh Jackman Playfully Requests Ryan Reynolds Be Skipped for Oscars

Jackman jestingly suggested Reynolds might be vexatious if victorious.

As a means of drumming up anticipation for Deadpool 3 in 2024 and simply for the sake of amusement, actors Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been indulging in a lighthearted “feud” over the past few months. The actors have been playfully taunting each other on social media, exchanging playful banter about their respective achievements, and engaging in general tomfoolery.

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In the latest installment of this “feud,” a song by Ryan Reynolds from the Apple+ film Spirited has been submitted for the 2023 Oscars Best Song category. On Instagram, Jackman expressed his liking for the song and the movie but conveyed a preference for the song not to be nominated, fearing Reynolds’ potential insufferableness if he were to win.

“I truly wanted to share a positive message at the start of the year, but recent events have rendered that impossible,” remarked Jackman.

“Let me clarify, I adored ‘Spirited’. It’s a fantastic film … I adore Will, I adore Octavia [Spencer] … the song ‘Good Afternoon’, I chuckled all the way, it’s truly brilliant,” he continued. “However, I recently learned that the Academy has shortlisted ‘Good Afternoon’ [for the 2023 Oscars].” Jackman expressed that even the mere nomination of Reynolds, let alone winning the award, “would render the upcoming year of my life unbearable.”

“I implore you, with all sincerity, to refrain from legitimizing Ryan Reynolds in this manner,” he concluded.

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