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Heinz Develops Tomato Sauce on Mars


Heinz Develops Tomato Sauce on Mars

Credit: Unsplash

Tomato sauce is an enduring essential in the western diet, so it’s always intriguing when someone attempts to innovate it. Remember that violet and emerald sauce from the early 2000s? They claim it tasted identical to the regular type if your eyes were shut, but I still believe it was terrible. Rather than just altering the color of your sauce, what if you were to adjust its components at a core, extraterrestrial level? That’s the exploration Heinz is undertaking.

Over the past nine months, Heinz has backed a study at the Aldrin Space Institute at the Florida Institute of Technology, enlisting a group of scientists to cultivate tomatoes in settings crafted to mimic those found on the Martian surface. The soil, temperature, and water conditions have all been meticulously adjusted to imitate Martian soil, all with the aim of ascertaining the feasibility of cultivating tomatoes there. After the nine-month period, the researchers’ harvest successfully produced Martian tomatoes, which will be processed into a unique bottle of “Marz Edition” Heinz tomato sauce.

“Until now, most initiatives focused on discovering methods to grow in simulated Martian conditions have been limited to short-term plant growth trials. This project has undertaken a long-term food production approach. Achieving a harvest suitable for the production of Heinz Tomato Ketchup was the ideal outcome, and we have accomplished it,” remarked team leader Andrew Palmer.

Tomorrow, the research team will taste the Marz Edition sauce in a live broadcast, where they will be accompanied by a special guest: former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. According to Massimino, tomato sauce is a crucial element in any well-stocked zero-gravity pantry, adding flavor to bland dehydrated meals. This isn’t merely an experimental novelty; if the sauce proves to be satisfactory, it could lend weight to the idea of agriculture on extraterrestrial planets in the future. You can view the team’s reactions on the official Heinz Twitter on Wednesday at 10:00 AM Eastern time.

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