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Heavy Snowstorm Hits the Northeastern Region of the United States


Heavy Snowstorm Hits the Northeastern Region of the United States

Credit: Unsplash

Early today, a powerful winter storm swept through various states on the east coast of the United States, particularly impacting the northeast. Coastal states like New York and Connecticut have already witnessed snowfall reaching up to two feet, along with gusty winds and icy rain. Originating in the southeast, the storm intensified as it traveled up the coastline, exacerbated by plummeting local temperatures.

“There has been a significant low-pressure system moving along the coast, resulting in heavy snowfall spanning from Tennessee and North Carolina up to the northeast,” shared meteorologist Marc Chenard from College Park, Maryland.

The severe weather conditions have had widespread repercussions. Air travel in the affected states has been severely disrupted, with over 1,200 flights canceled due to the snow and winds. Across the east coast, a total of 217,089 individuals from states like South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are currently without power. Motorists are advised to stay off the roads as much as possible, although the National Guard has been dispatched in multiple states to aid in relatively safe travel.

“They have emergency response vehicles capable of moving through the snow,” remarked North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Sunday. “Certain counties have received between eight to twelve inches of snow, with significant ice formation causing difficulties in the central part of the state.”

The northeastern region is expected to endure sub-freezing temperatures until at least Wednesday.

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