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Guillermo del Toro Emphasizes Significance of Animation as a Creative Outlet


Guillermo del Toro Emphasizes Significance of Animation as a Creative Outlet

Post the debut of Pinocchio, del Toro highlighted that animations are not strictly tailored for children.

Earlier this month, renowned filmmaker Guillermo del Toro presented his version of the timeless story of Pinocchio on Netflix. The stop-motion animated movie quickly soared to the top of Netflix’s rankings, garnering critical praise for its innovative interpretation of the classic narrative.

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At a recent film viewing in Toronto, del Toro discussed the significance of animation as a creative medium in filmmaking, stressing that it is not exclusively targeted at children’s audiences.

“I didn’t intend it for a juvenile audience,” del Toro expressed. “I believe animation is not just a genre aimed at children, it’s a platform that can delve into themes of beauty, melancholy, and drama.”

“While those films serve an essential role in supporting the industry economically, I don’t oppose them. Rather, I advocate for diversity.” Del Toro criticized many children’s films as mere “caregiving” productions, designed to keep kids occupied while their parents are relieved of having to engage with them for 90 minutes.

“They switch on the screen and allow children to watch unsupervised because these films have been standardized and watered down, serving the convenience of parents,” del Toro remarked.

“If you create an overly sanitized environment for kids, you are hindering their growth… Engage in conversations with them; whether it’s about the loss of Peanut the hamster or the thematic content of a movie, have those dialogues already… Kids can handle it, and the art form deserves it.”

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