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Great Games Contributes ‘Fortnite’ Profits to Aid Ukraine


Great Games Contributes ‘Fortnite’ Profits to Aid Ukraine

Credit: Unsplash

Fortnite stands as one of the most renowned, beloved, and lucrative multiplayer games globally, boasting a diverse playerbase with millions of participants across various age groups and backgrounds. As the developer of Fortnite, Great Games has naturally established a significant influence in the gaming industry. In light of the ongoing uncertainty in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, they have opted to leverage their influence for a positive cause.

During the recent weekend launch of the latest Fortnite season, Great Games declared their commitment to donate all profits earned from Fortnite, including revenues from in-game purchases and Battle Passes, to support Ukrainian relief activities. The contributions are being directed to several humanitarian organizations and initiatives, such as Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Food Programme.

In a subsequent announcement on Sunday, Great Games disclosed that they have already amassed more than $36 million USD in charitable donations from Fortnite transactions. New seasons in Fortnite typically yield substantial revenue for the game, especially during the introduction of fresh and engaging content in the game’s stores. Great Games plans to continue contributing all proceeds from Fortnite until April 3.

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