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Gilbert Gottfried Passed Away at the Age of 67


Gilbert Gottfried Passed Away at the Age of 67

Credit: Unsplash

His family disclosed on Twitter yesterday that Gilbert Gottfried, the veteran actor and comedian, had succumbed to heart complications arising from recurrent ventricular tachycardia, a heart anomaly he had grappled with for numerous years. He was 67 at the time.

“We are devastated to reveal the demise of our cherished Gilbert Gottfried after an extended ailment. Apart from being the most renowned voice in comedy, Gilbert was a fantastic husband, brother, mate, and father to his two young children. While today brings sorrow to all of us, please continue to uproariously laugh in honor of Gilbert,” expressed his family.

Gottfried was recognized for his booming, unmistakable voice and inclination to confront somewhat delicate subjects directly in his comedy. He amassed a plethora of classic credits in films and television, from appearances in Problem Child and Beverly Hills Cop II to voice acting in animated projects like Aladdin and Family Guy.

Gottfried’s proclivity for jesting about sensitive subject matters led to occasional controversies, yet he staunchly believed that humor and sorrow share a deep connection. “I have constantly believed comedy and tragedy coexist,” he penned for CNN in 2012. “If you observe comedy and tragedy, you will encounter an ancient depiction of two masks. One mask embodies tragedy, appearing as if in tears. The other mask symbolizes comedy, appearing as if in laughter. Nowadays, individuals might exclaim, ‘How unsavory and unfeeling.’ A comedy mask laughs at a tragedy mask.”

Since his demise was made public, Hollywood luminaries and comedians have been extending their sympathies and tributes for Gottfried on Twitter. “Gilbert Gottfried made me burst into laughter during trying times. What a valuable talent,” tweeted thespian Jason Alexander.

“Profoundly disheartened by the loss of the genius that was Gilbert Gottfried,” expressed comedian and actor Lewis Black. A foul-mouthed angel who bestowed upon us limitless joy and mirth. I was fortunate to relish his friendship and attend many of his live shows. He was as untamed as he was pure.”

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