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Gala Fashion Roast by North West


Gala Fashion Roast by North West

Emerging as the Next Fashion Critic, the 10-Year-Old Style Sensation Delivers Candid Commentary on Celeb Outfits.

With unfiltered fashion critiques, 10-year-old North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, grabbed attention and was hailed as the next generation’s “fashion police.”

The young fashion enthusiast also questioned the authenticity of the pearls, leading Kim to clarify their high value. North didn’t hold back, expressing her concern about the outfit looking too “beachy,” fearing that diamond accessories would “spoil” the overall look.

In response, Daniel Roseberry humorously commented, “This is my worst nightmare coming true,” likening the experience to being “Punk’d” the night before the Met Gala.

North’s critiques extended to Yung Miami’s pearls, advising against mimicking Kim’s style. She also offered a witty comment for Kim’s ex, Pete Davidson, stating, “You’re attending the Met Gala, Pete, not the gas station.”

However, the ultimate “awkward” label was given to Jared Leto for his cat costume inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s feline companion, Choupette.

Despite North’s unfiltered critiques, she did not hold back her approval. Family friends Paris Hilton and La La Anthony, along with aunts Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, received positive feedback from the emerging fashion critic.

In a confessional, Kim Kardashian confessed, “Being roasted by a 10-year-old isn’t something you take too seriously. So, I don’t. But it does sting a bit.”

North West’s bold fashion commentary at the Met Gala has sparked discussions and added a fresh perspective to Hollywood’s red carpet reviews, showcasing the young icon’s growing influence on the fashion scene.

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