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‘Fortnite’ Raises $144 Million for Ukraine Relief


‘Fortnite’ Raises $144 Million for Ukraine Relief

Credit: Unsplash

Announced alongside the commencement of their latest in-game season, Fortnite’s creator, Epic Games, shared their commitment to diverting all earnings from the game toward diverse Ukrainian relief organizations in response to Russia’s invasion of the country. The fundraising effort concluded yesterday, unveiling the grand total raised.

Within a fortnight, Epic and the Fortnite community amassed a noteworthy $144 million, designated for distribution among relief organizations like Direct Relief, the UNHCR, UNICEF, and the WFP.

Expressing gratitude, Epic conveyed, “Our heartfelt appreciation to all participants in our collaborative support of humanitarian aid for those impacted by the Ukrainian conflict,” on the official Fortnite Twitter.

Besides Epic, numerous renowned video game studios and publishers contributed to the Ukrainian relief cause. Among them, standout entities encompass Microsoft, Riot Games, Humble Bundle, and Notably, succeeded in raising over $6 million through a collection of handpicked indie games, literature, melodies, and tabletop game guides. Meanwhile, Humble Bundle presented a akin selection, amassing over $20 million in the process.

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