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Former Presidents Urged to Locate Classified Documents


Former Presidents Urged to Locate Classified Documents

The National Archives have formally asked all ex-Presidents of the United States to search their residences for misplaced documents.

A recent revelation unveiled that the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, had a number of confidential documents at his personal residence, remnants from his tenure as Vice President. Shortly thereafter, it was brought to light that former Vice President Mike Pence also had several classified documents at his own dwelling, found during a personal investigation. These findings follow the search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last year, during which multiple classified documents were discovered.

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In light of these discoveries, the National Archives have opted for a more proactive approach to their documentation. In an official communique from the Archives to the representatives of all former Presidents and Vice Presidents, a request was made for an inventory search to identify any additional misplaced classified documents.

The Archives, in their correspondence, emphasized the ongoing obligation of Presidents and their staff to adhere to the Presidential Records Act even post-term. “Hence, we appeal for an examination of any materials stored outside of (the Archives) that pertain to the administration in which you acted as a designated representative under the PRA, to ascertain whether collections previously presumed as personal may inadvertently encompass Presidential or Vice Presidential records subject to the PRA, whether classified or unclassified.”

Thus far, the lone public response to the missive has come from Freddy Ford, the chief aide to former President George W. Bush. “Your message is appreciated,” he acknowledged. “We comprehend its intent and have full faith that no such materials are in our possession.”

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