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Former Coach Stan Van Gundy Criticizes Dwight Howard’s Exclusion from NBA’s Top 75 Players List as “Utterly Absurd”


Former Coach Stan Van Gundy Criticizes Dwight Howard’s Exclusion from NBA’s Top 75 Players List as “Utterly Absurd”

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Former Coach Criticizes NBA Top 75 List

Strong criticism has been voiced by former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy regarding Dwight Howard’s omission from the prestigious NBA’s Top 75 Players of All Time list. Van Gundy described it as “utterly absurd”. Despite being a former Orlando Magic legend and an eight-time consecutive All-Star, Howard was noticeably absent from the list released during the league’s 75th anniversary in 2021.

In an interview with The Players’ Tribune, Van Gundy expressed his disbelief and highlighted Howard’s exceptional career achievements, particularly during his prime years with the Magic. He emphasized that Howard was a dominant force on both ends of the floor.

Van Gundy directly compared Howard’s career to that of Anthony Davis, a current Los Angeles Lakers big man who made the cut for the Top 75 Players list. He pointed out that at the time of selection, Davis’ career achievements and impact were inferior to Howard’s. Van Gundy further emphasized that regardless of personal opinions on player comparisons, Howard’s contribution to the game warranted his inclusion in the list.

Van Gundy stated, “Like, you can think a guy is better. That’s fine. That’s a subjective thing. What you can’t make a case for is that Michael Jordan had a better career than LeBron James. You can’t make a case for that. And when you’re going top 75, you cannot make a case… that Anthony Davis had a better career than Dwight Howard.”

Van Gundy’s remarks have sparked a conversation in basketball circles about Howard’s legacy and rightful place among the all-time greats. The debate also raises questions about how career achievements, longevity, and impact on the game should be considered in such prestigious selections.

Despite the occasional challenges in the coach-player relationship between Van Gundy and Howard during their time together, their mutual respect is evident. Van Gundy’s comments underline the impact Howard made on the game, particularly during his prime years.

As discussions unfold, Howard’s supporters emphasize his remarkable contributions and accolades, which many believe should have guaranteed his place among the NBA’s greatest of all time.


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