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Florida’s Maxwell Frost Elected to Congress


Florida’s Maxwell Frost Elected to Congress

Frost is the first Gen Z individual to be elected to Congress.

As the United States Midterm elections draw to a close, more state races are being called as votes are tallied. Down in Florida, incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis won his bid for a second term, but the state has not flipped completely red. In a stark contrast to DeSantis, Florida has elected a new Congress representative, one of the youngest in history.

Democratic candidate Maxwell Frost has won the Congress position in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, beating out his primary opponent, Republican Calvin Wimbish. Frost will succeed the current Congress rep, Val Demings, who instead challenged current Florida Senator Marco Rubio. At 25 years old, Frost is the very first member of Generation Z to be elected to the United States Congress, and one of its youngest members besides.

“History was made tonight,” Frost tweeted after the election was called. “We made history for Floridians, for Gen Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future.”

Frost has gained a reputation as a political and societal activist, primarily organizing events advocating for gun control and school safety. He previously served as the national organizing director for activist group March for Our Lives.

As the current US Congress has one of the highest average ages in US history, Frost will bring some much-needed young blood to the scene. “You see one 25-year-old run for Congress and win, you think I can do this too, and then more people step up. Someone is the first, more people are the second and the third, and the fourth,” Amanda Litman, co-founder of political activist group Run for Something, told NPR.

“I am also very confident that because political engagement and political activity is a habit, it’s a muscle, you build it and then it gets stronger and stronger and stronger,” Litman added. “We are just seeing the beginning of Gen Z’s engagement as political leaders.”

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