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Florida Declines Mathematics Textbooks for Allegedly Advocating Critical Race Theory


Florida Declines Mathematics Textbooks for Allegedly Advocating Critical Race Theory

Announced today by the Florida Department of Education, a total of 132 new textbooks were reviewed, with 54 of them being dismissed for allegedly endorsing subjects that are prohibited in Florida schools. Among these are the promotion of basic fundamental ideas, which were outlawed in 2020, and critical race theory, which was forbidden in 2021. The majority of the discarded materials were created for students from kindergarten to grade five. However, specific information regarding the rejected books and the exact reasons for their violation of these prohibitions have not been revealed.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the issue by stating, “It appears that some publishers tried to apply a new layer of paint on an old structure constructed upon the principles of Common Core, and instilling ideas like race essentialism, notably, in a bizarre manner, for young elementary school pupils.”

Several Florida officials and legislators have voiced their opposition to this refusal, insisting on receiving detailed information on the objectionable content found within the books.

Florida House Representative Carlos Smith tweeted, “@EducationFL just declared their decision to bar numerous math textbooks alleging they ‘influence’ students with CRT. They refuse to disclose the identity or details as it’s deceptive. #DeSantis has transformed our classrooms into arenas of political conflict, and this is only the beginning.”

Expressing her viewpoint, Florida State House Member Anna Eskamani stated, “I understand. The objective of mathematics is to tackle challenges which the Republican Party of Florida avoids.”

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