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Florida Declares State of Emergency Due to Fuel Scarcity


Florida Declares State of Emergency Due to Fuel Scarcity

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Due to a ransomware attack that paralyzed the Colonial Pipeline, there is a significant fuel shortage in several eastern states heavily reliant on this pipeline. Florida is one such state where gas stations are running dry as residents hurry to fuel up.

Reacting to the pipeline closure and the ensuing fuel scarcity, Governor Ron DeSantis has officially placed Florida under a state of emergency. This action has mobilized the Florida National Guard to aid local authorities if needed, as both local and federal officials collaborate on strategies to manage the depleting fuel reserves.

Analysts suggest that the state of emergency is primarily a preventive measure rather than an indication of imminent peril. Despite being impacted by the pipeline shutdown, Florida’s access to fuel from Gulf Coast refineries mitigates the severity of the shortfall. Reassurances have been provided to Florida residents, urging them not to succumb to panic-buying and hoarding fuel, yet predictably, many are disregarding this advice.

“It was an abrupt surge, as if everyone received a mass text urging them to refuel,” recounted Layla Mahdavih, a Sunoco station manager to Florida Politics.

“Within a couple of hours, we had already dispensed around 500 gallons,” she added.

“Witnessing people filling up additional containers while there’s a ten-car queue behind them is disconcerting,” remarked local resident Macy Harper, further stating, “They seem oblivious to others waiting in line, solely focused on refilling their containers.”

Colonial is working towards reopening the pipeline soon, hence while gas prices might see fluctuations, the fuel supply is anticipated to normalize within the upcoming week.

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