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Flight Crew of Frontier Airlines Suspended Following Encounter with Disruptive Passenger


Flight Crew of Frontier Airlines Suspended Following Encounter with Disruptive Passenger

Credit: Unsplash

During the weekend, a disruptive young passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight caused commotion by inappropriately behaving towards two flight attendants, loudly proclaiming his parent’s immense wealth of $2 million, and eventually resorting to physical aggression against the attendants who were trying to reason with him. The attendants, along with assistance from some fellow passengers, had to take measures to secure everyone’s safety by fastening the man to his seat using duct tape. The video footage of this incident has circulated widely in recent days, drawing ridicule towards the man identified as Maxwell Berry, 22, for his actions, while commending the crew for their intervention. However, Frontier Airlines did not share the same perspective.

All flight attendants involved in the incident have been placed on suspension with pay by Frontier, citing their failure to adhere to proper procedures for managing unruly passengers. This decision has sparked criticism not just online from those who witnessed the incident, but also from the largest flight attendant union in the United States.

“At this point in time, management should be backing the crew, not putting them on suspension,” expressed Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO (AFA). “We will be advocating against this through all contractual and legal means available, with the hope that management will come to their senses and stand by the frontline workers entrusted with ensuring the safety of all passengers.”

Reports from the Federal Aviation Administration indicate a surge in incidents involving unruly passengers since January, with a significant number linked to issues surrounding face masks. A survey conducted among flight attendants revealed that approximately 85% of them have encountered at least one unruly passenger so far this year.

“Over the past year, I’ve faced verbal abuse, profanity, and multiple threats, yet the most that has resulted from it is a temporary suspension of travel for the passenger,” shared one flight attendant in the survey. “If we are to regain a sense of security at work, we need tangible repercussions for unruly passengers.”

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