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Finally, Sora Emerges as the Last ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ Fighter


Finally, Sora Emerges as the Last ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ Fighter

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Long ago, certain figures were deemed unlikely to grace the roster of a Super Smash Bros. title. Ridley was considered too massive, Banjo was firmly under Microsoft’s wing, and Minecraft Steve originated as a mere internet jest. Nevertheless, these once improbable characters found their way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. The only elusive one remaining was Sora from Kingdom Hearts, a character entwined with Disney making it a complex acquisition. Surprisingly, the developers delved into the challenge and unveiled Sora as the ultimate combatant.

Amidst the conclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character showcase today, helmed by the game’s leader Masahiro Sakurai, Sora was disclosed as the closing addition in the second installment of the Fighter’s Pass DLC. As per Sakurai, Nintendo was cognizant of fans’ ardent desire for Sora since the era of Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS; intriguingly, Sora had triumphed in the Smash character ballot that led to the inclusion of Bayonetta, yet was unattainable then due to legal entanglements. This time around, determination paved the way, securing Sora albeit with most of his Disney-related elements excised. Sometimes compromises are necessary.

Comparatively, Sora lacks overly intricate quirks among the DLC characters, a conscious decision by Sakurai and the team. The intent was to craft Sora as a direct and approachable combatant, with a majority of his moveset weaving Keyblade strikes and a hint of magic. Moreover, Sora proudly sports an array of outfits from the Kingdom Hearts series, along with appearances mirroring his Drive Forms and the nostalgic Timeless River setting from Kingdom Hearts 2.

Sora’s DLC package is set for release on October 18, showcasing the Hollow Bastion stage, alongside 9 musical compositions straight from Kingdom Hearts, with an additional track for those with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory data saved on their Switch.

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