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Families Affected by Sandy Hook Tragedy Decline Settlement Offer from Alex Jones


Families Affected by Sandy Hook Tragedy Decline Settlement Offer from Alex Jones

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In the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, during which 20 children and 6 educators lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, Alex Jones, the host of the internet talk show InfoWars, labeled the event as “staged” and “a hoax.” This led to legal action from the families of the victims, who accused Jones of defamation and harassment.

Recently, after facing multiple legal defeats and evading court appearances, Jones made an offer of $120,000 per individual to the impacted families and even extended a “sincere apology for any distress caused by his statements” to an FBI agent involved in the case.

However, this proposed settlement was promptly turned down by the families and the FBI agent, who saw it as “a clear and desperate maneuver by Alex Jones to avoid facing public accountability under oath for his deceptive, profit-motivated smear campaign against the plaintiffs.”

Neil Heslin, the father of one of the deceased students, stated to the Connecticut Post, “For me, it has never been about money; it has been about upholding principles. I am not surprised that Jones tried to reach a settlement before going to trial, but I will proceed to trial to confront him. I will present my case entirely.” He further emphasized that Jones’s apology “holds no significance” for him.

The trials are scheduled to commence in April to ascertain the reparations Jones must pay to the impacted families. Jones is also facing penalties for his non-attendance at previous depositions.

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