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Facebook CEO Rebrands Staff as ‘Metamates’


Facebook CEO Rebrands Staff as ‘Metamates’

Credit: Unsplash

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of what was once Facebook but is now known as Meta, is fully committed to his rebranding efforts. Zuckerberg’s relentless drive towards the Metaverse has resulted in a comprehensive overhaul of Facebook’s branding and, as of today, the identity of the company and its employees.

Yesterday, in a post on his personal Facebook account, Zuckerberg introduced the company’s new direction, stating that from now on, his subordinates will no longer be referred to as “Facebookers” but as “Metamates.”

During a virtual meeting with his newly christened Metamates, Zuckerberg aimed to instill a new motto, “Meta, Metamates, Me,” inspired by the traditional maritime motto of “ship, shipmates, self.”

“Meta, Metamates, Me emphasizes our duty towards the company and its mission,” Zuckerberg expressed. “It highlights the responsibility we bear for our collective achievements and for each other as colleagues. It focuses on nurturing our organization and one another.”

“Ultimately, values aren’t merely words on a website, but standards by which we hold ourselves accountable every single day. I urge you to contemplate these values and their significance as we embark on this new phase for our company.”

While these changes are positive, Meta underwent a significant stock sell-off earlier this month, resulting in the loss of billions in market cap. Overcoming this hurdle may require more than old maritime slogans.

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