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Explore Christine’s Gooey Noodle Corn Dog!


Explore Christine’s Gooey Noodle Corn Dog!

Every spark of brilliance in the annals of humanity began with a singular notion. At times, these notions may appear peculiar in their era, but they eventually transform into genuinely unique revelations. As a sagacious philosopher once opined, “science isn’t about ‘why,’ it’s about ‘why not?’” Considering that culinary art is inherently a scientific pursuit, the same rationale unquestionably holds true. Why envelop a frankfurter and a chunk of cheddar in pasta strands and deep-fry it? Why not?

Christine is an enthusiastic gastronome originating from the western coast who has taken it upon herself to savor all the trendiest, most innovative cuisines that San Diego and Los Angeles have to offer. If the local eateries fail to satisfy her gastronomic longings, she is more than willing to turn up the heat herself! For instance, if there are three things Christine adores, it’s hot dogs, cheese, and above everything else, noodles.

“As a gastronome, I relish exploring and savoring cuisines from diverse cultures,” shared Christine with us. “However, one thing I cannot forego is noodles. I cherish noodles in any configuration, variety, and manifestation. From macaroni, ramen, Vietnamese pho, Thai pad thai, Chinese chow mein, Korean japchae, Japanese udon, I cherish them all. Undoubtedly my ultimate go-to and comforting sustenance.”

Credit: @thedoubleeaterz

This affection led her to conceive the cheesy ramen-crusted Korean corn dog. What exactly is it? Well, I’d say the description is right within the title: it’s a frankfurter and a block of cheese arranged on a skewer, then enveloped in Korean-style pasta strands and fried similar to your favorite fairground corn dog. The outer layer of noodles provides a gratifying crispy texture, while the interior is a heavenly amalgam of gooey, hot dog essence. Garnished with a drizzle of chili sauce or soy sauce, not to forget a sprinkle of powdered cheese, and you have yourself a phenomenal afternoon indulgence.

If this has ignited your appetite (and it surely has whetted mine), take a peek at Christine’s Instagram page, @thedoubleeaterz, and give her a follow while you’re at it. She showcases an array of homemade pasta dishes, along with snapshots and videos from the dining establishments she frequents all across San Diego and Los Angeles.

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