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Exciting Updates for ‘Animal Crossing’ Game


Exciting Updates for ‘Animal Crossing’ Game

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As the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, the ideal game for staying indoors was launched: Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Many individuals, including myself, sought solace in the game, caring for our virtual islands and passing time during the lockdown. Despite its positive reception, longstanding fans of Animal Crossing noted that it lacked some key elements from earlier versions. After a prolonged wait, New Horizons is set to receive these features in the upcoming and final free content update, accompanied by paid DLC.

The forthcoming free update will upgrade the game to version 2.0, introducing a plethora of new elements. Besides additional furniture pieces and customization options for your dwelling and island (such as the sought-after Froggy Chair), islands will now feature new attractions. The museum will host a café where residents can socialize with the barista Brewster, Kapp’n will transport you to islands with varying climates and time zones, Gyroid collection is making a comeback, and Harv’s Island will now hold a bustling merchant market.

The paid DLC, known as the Happy Home Paradise DLC, offers an immersive experience where you join the Paradise Planning crew. Assigned as a Paradise Planning staff member, you’ll receive requests from characters for holiday houses on a nearby group of islands, tasking you with designing spaces to meet their specifications. Crafting these residences not only helps you make friends but also earns you unique furniture pieces and fresh home decor features.

Both the update and DLC are scheduled for release on November 5. The DLC is available for purchase at $24.99, or alternatively, it can be obtained through the new Expansion Pack tier of Switch Online.

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