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Exciting Release of ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ Slated for Late 2022


Exciting Release of ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ Slated for Late 2022

Credit: Unsplash

A celebration took place yesterday on February 27 as it marked Pokemon Day, the significant anniversary of the debut of the initial core Pokemon video games. The Pokemon Company had an engaging live presentation to commemorate this occasion and also shared updates on their current mobile and console Pokemon titles. However, the most anticipated announcement was saved for the end.

Concluding the presentation, The Pokemon Company unveiled the arrival of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the latest entries in the renowned Pokemon series and the official games representing the 9th generation. These games are expected to hit the shelves for Nintendo Switch users towards the end of 2022, possibly coinciding with the festive season.

According to the information shared by The Pokemon Company, Scarlet and Violet will introduce an “expansive world where distinct towns seamlessly merge with the untamed wilds,” with “Pokemon inhabiting every corner of this vast open realm – from the sky and sea to the bustling streets.”

The trailer also unveiled the starter Pokemon lineup: the feline Grass type Pokemon named Sprigatito, the aquatic Water type Pokemon called Quaxly, and an extraordinary Fire type Pokemon resembling a fusion of an alligator and a pepper, known as Fuecoco. Given the names of these starters and the visual cues in the teaser, enthusiasts have speculated that the game’s setting might draw inspiration from the cultural and architectural motifs of Spain.

While the exact disparities between the two game versions have not been disclosed yet, it has been hinted that the protagonist will sport unique attire based on the chosen edition.

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