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Envoys Leave Russian Address at United Nations


Envoys Leave Russian Address at United Nations

Credit: Unsplash

This day, a multitude of representatives from diverse western nations, in addition to partners in eastern countries, convened in Geneva to deliberate on the status of the continuous Russian incursion into Ukraine. The focal point of this assembly was a discourse delivered remotely by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov to the UN Human Rights Council regarding Russia’s viewpoint on the incursion.

Lavrov reiterated many of the key arguments about the incursion that have been presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin, contending that it is a “specific military operation” carried out with the objective of removing “neo-Nazis” from positions of authority in Ukraine. Lavrov also criticized the EU for participating in what he labeled as a “Russophobic hysteria” by imposing sanctions on the country and providing military assistance to Ukraine’s forces.

In reaction to these assertions, numerous representatives in the audience, angered by Lavrov and Russia’s justifications for their unparalleled brutality against Ukraine, rose and departed in the midst of Lavrov’s speech. In total, roughly 100 diplomats representing about 40 different nations stood up and exited in protest.

“Minister Lavrov was putting forth his version, which is incorrect, of what is transpiring in Ukraine, and that is why we wished to demonstrate a resolute stance collectively,” remarked Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly.

“This aggressive Russian warfare will have significant repercussions for human rights in Ukraine and Russia, and the Russian leaders will face consequences,” stated US ambassador to the Human Rights Council Michele Taylor.

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