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Enormous New Zealand Spud Identified as a Gourd


Enormous New Zealand Spud Identified as a Gourd

Credit: Unsplash

The previous year, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown, agriculturists from New Zealand, stumbled upon a staggering find while tending to their field: a colossal 17.4-pound tuber, exceptionally big both in proportions and weight. They christened this captivating botanical marvel “Doug” and, after much encouragement, provided its details to the Guinness Book of World Records in pursuit of the title for the heaviest potato globally.

Recently, the couple received a communication from Guinness World Records with an unexpected revelation: following a DNA analysis on a small fragment of Doug, it was unveiled that he wasn’t a potato as believed, but instead a “tuber of a variety of gourd,” as stated in the email from Guinness.

Setting aside the fact that the couple was convinced Doug was a potato, given his appearance and taste resembling one, neither could quite rationalize how a gourd ended up in their soil, although they have formed some hypotheses.

“How did a blooming gourd end up in my garden?” Mr. Craig-Brown pondered to the New York Times. “There was a period when I was cultivating these crossbred cucumbers, right where Doug sprouted,” he remarked. “During a blending process, who’s to say they didn’t interbreed it with a gourd plant to confer it formidable disease resistance or profuse blooming?”

Despite the peculiar chain of events, the Craig-Browns continue to provide proper care for Doug. “He’s quite a fascinating individual, isn’t he,” Mr. Craig-Brown commented. “He’s contentedly stationed in the cryogenic preservation unit we have on the homestead — the deep freezer. He’s completely unfazed.”

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