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Elton John Recollects his Connection with Stevie Wonder and John Lennon


Elton John Recollects his Connection with Stevie Wonder and John Lennon

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When we think of globally cherished artists, there are few with a reputation as illustrious as the English singer-songwriter Elton John. His career has been extensive and rich, culminating in a biographical film called Rocketman, serving as testament to his musical legacy. As soon as the ongoing pandemic concludes permanently, he intends to commence his Farewell Yellow Brick Tour, marking his final concert tour, even though he will continue creating music for years to come.

During a recent call-in appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Elton John reflected on his interactions with other historically important musicians, including Stevie Wonder and John Lennon from The Beatles. Elton John mentioned that he nearly missed a performance by Stevie Wonder unintentionally due to being in a bad mood on his birthday.

“It wasn’t one of my most shining and pleasant moments. I was aboard ‘The Starship,’ a private jet that we had rented.”

The Starship was a private aircraft frequently used by touring musicians in the 1970s and 1980s, initially popularized by Led Zeppelin.

“After completing a show, it was my birthday. I was dissatisfied with the performance. Consequently, I went upfront and sat by myself. They repeatedly requested me to join them at the front, insisting to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. Yet, I declined, stating, ‘I am not interested in celebrating my birthday.’ This situation persisted several times until my publicist broke down in tears and emphasized, ‘You must come forward; Stevie Wonder is on the organ.’ Indeed, there was an organ aboard the plane. ‘He wishes to perform ‘Happy Birthday’ for you.’ I felt overwhelming guilt. I was ashamed of my actions. Reluctantly, I went to the front, where he sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. It’s a memory that haunts me, one that I regret deeply.”

Elton John recently unveiled “The Lockdown Sessions,” an album compilation featuring music created by him and fellow musicians during the pandemic lockdown, aiming to reconnect with their artistic side.

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