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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Allows a Monkey Engage in Pong via his Thoughts


Elon Musk’s Neuralink Allows a Monkey Engage in Pong via his Thoughts

Credit: Unsplash

The concept of operating a computer solely with our minds has long captivated the interest of numerous researchers. It is indeed one of the ultimate futuristic imaginings, along with colossal robots, laser weaponry, and self-tying shoelaces. Thanks to the endeavors of Neuralink, a technology interface firm established by the notorious Elon Musk, such a futuristic vision might be on the brink of becoming a reality.

In a recent video shared on the official Neuralink YouTube channel, we witness Pager, a mature macaque monkey, maneuvering a small dot on a screen into highlighted zones using a controller, all while being encouraged with a contraption dispensing banana smoothies. This procedure was conducted to calibrate the more than 2000 minute sensors that had been surgically inserted into Pager’s brain several weeks earlier. Once the sensors were tuned to recognize Pager’s typical physical movements, Pager could then control the dot without any physical contact with the controller. In essence, he was able to maneuver it through his thoughts.

This newfound capability was then applied to a basic game of Pong, where Pager adeptly managed to maneuver his paddle to volley the ball with a CPU, all simply by willing it. No need to fret, despite the experiment, Pager is perfectly content. This guy lounges around sipping smoothies and playing video games; he’s having a grand time.

Neuralink’s technology is still in its early stages, so the application of this approach to humans is not imminent. Musk envisions that in the distant future, this brain-computer interaction could potentially enable a paralyzed individual to effortlessly navigate a smartphone, or even enhance one’s cognitive abilities by merging with an artificial intelligence. It’s a captivating realm of research, albeit with a slight possibility of evolving into a Terminator-esque scenario!

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