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Efficiently Eradicate Waste from Plastic Straws With ZippyCap


Efficiently Eradicate Waste from Plastic Straws With ZippyCap

You can initiate a reduction in plastic waste by simply exchanging plastic straws for reusable alternatives. Conventional reusable straws present challenges in terms of mobility, storage, and hygiene, whereas ZippyCap offers the ultimate answer.

While most reusable straws lack portability, ZippyCap introduces an all-in-one straw with a versatile cap and storage pod. Its convenient design allows users to effortlessly remove the storage base, insert the collapsible silicone straw into the desired drink, place the cap on, and turn the top to start sipping with the straw.

The design is perfect for on-the-go beverages, featuring a secure top that prevents spills when opening, even while driving. ZippyCap offers convenient storage, with an optional keychain that is floatable in water, allowing you to attach it to your keys or toss it in your bag.

The ZippyCap design also aids in preventing germ spread with minimal direct hand contact, thanks to the screw cap that encloses the straw’s tip. The special silicone straw incorporates a valve system to regulate liquid flow speed – pull the straw up for carbonated drinks and down for non-carbonated beverages.

Made in America from recycled materials, ZippyCap has 90% of its supply chain based in the U.S., aiming to reach 100% by year-end. You can support this innovative American company by backing their Kickstarter project, which offers ZippyCaps accompanied by a cleaning kit and accessories. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram for the latest updates!

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