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‘Edward Scissorhands’ Property Surges in Worth Following Depp/Heard Court Case


‘Edward Scissorhands’ Property Surges in Worth Following Depp/Heard Court Case

The iconic Edward Scissorhands movie from the 1990s, a timeless creation by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp as the enigmatic artificial being with razor-sharp fingers, boasts a plethora of memorable visuals and objects. Not surprisingly, the most remarkable among these items are the hands of Edward, recently acquired by the cinema memorabilia auction house Propstore. These timeless cutting tools were set to be auctioned off this week, with estimations placing their value around $40,000.

However, when the hands were put up for bidding yesterday, their final selling price surpassed the initial projections by a significant margin, reaching a whopping $81,250, double the initial estimate. Experts attribute this sudden spike in value to Johnny Depp’s current prominence in the entertainment sphere, particularly stemming from the recent resolution of his tumultuous legal dispute with his former spouse, Amber Heard.

In addition to the Edward Scissorhands artifact, another item of Depp-related memorabilia is slated for auction at Propstore this week: the motorcycle Depp rode in the 1990s film Cry Baby. The 1955 Harley Davidson Model K chopper is being put up for sale with an initial price tag of $250,000, and if the trend set by the Scissorhands asset continues, it could potentially exceed the starting amount substantially.

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