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‘Draw’ to Showcase Owen Wilson as a Character Resembling Bob Ross


‘Draw’ to Showcase Owen Wilson as a Character Resembling Bob Ross

Wilson is set to wear an afro and pick up a paintbrush in this upcoming movie.

The deceased Bob Ross is a lasting fixture in American pop culture due to his 11-year stint on PBS’ The Joy of Painting. On this program, Ross, sporting an afro and a flannel shirt, would lead audiences through the art of drawing with a soothing and tranquil voice-over. Even following his passing in 1995, Ross’ persona continues to be one of the prevailing figures in the realm of TV artists.

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Owen Wilson will be channeling this persona in his forthcoming film, Draw. As per the official summary, Draw depicts Wilson as “Carl Nargle, Vermont’s #1 public television artist who firmly believes he has everything: a unique perm, customized van, and a devoted following captivated by his every artistic stroke… until a more youthful, superior artist takes away everything (and everyone) Carl cherishes.”

The rival role, an artist named Ambrosia, is portrayed by Ciara Renée. Bob Ross is not explicitly named or referenced in the preview or summary, indicating that the movie likely pays homage to his life and profession rather than being a biographical portrayal or a rendition of actual events.

Draw is set to be released in theaters on April 7.

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