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Don’t Miss Out: The Influence Of Music


Don’t Miss Out: The Influence Of Music

During my childhood, my father would regularly perform on the piano. Typically, he would improvise for amusement, but occasionally, when my sister or I were feeling low, he would invite us into the main room, seat us, and perform Billy Joel’s “Lullabye” for us. It always brought about a delightful sensation, and even now, whenever I listen to that melody, I experience a sense of relief that is hard to explain. I genuinely believe that music is among the most remarkable creations of mankind. Enchanting and poignant tunes have the power to comfort a troubled spirit, even in the gravest of circumstances.

One artist has made it her mission to bring those comforting melodies to those who need them during these uncertain times of the pandemic. Sheena Melwani is a multimedia artist recognized for her adept piano compositions and melodious singing voice. She has been active in the industry for about a decade, harnessing modern musical innovations to share uplifting rhythms for the betterment of society. You might be familiar with SheenaTV, her live streaming program where she alternates between musical performances and engaging conversations.

Credit: Sheena Melwani

Since the onset of the pandemic, Sheena has dedicated herself to bringing a glimmer of hope to all those she can reach. In pursuit of that objective, she has been accepting song requests twice a week, sharing them as video posts on her Facebook page. Furthermore, she uploads snippets of her favorite compositions on her Instagram, along with compilations of past requests. So, if you ever find yourself in a dim place due to the current circumstances, remember that music still holds the ability to infuse some happiness into your day, and Sheena is ready to offer that solace whenever you seek it. For more information about her music, you can visit her website.

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