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Dolly Parton Gets First Shot of Moderna Vaccine


Dolly Parton Gets First Shot of Moderna Vaccine

Credit: Unsplash

Every update on more individuals receiving vaccines is positive news, and it’s even more uplifting when the individuals are admired celebrities. Admit it, you also wish for their safety. The latest public figure to get vaccinated is the adored 75-year-old country singer/songwriter Dolly Parton, who documented her initial dose of the Moderna vaccine in a video on Tuesday and shared it on Twitter.

“I’ve been anticipating this for a while,” Parton expressed. “I’ve reached the age requirement for it and have the wisdom to receive it.”

Intriguingly, Parton has a connection with this vaccine due to her close friendship with Dr. Naji Abumrad from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The two have shared a strong bond since Dr. Abumrad treated Parton following a car accident in 2013. During a discussion about vaccine research last April, Parton had an idea. She generously donated $1 million to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, with a portion of that sum specifically allocated to support Moderna’s efforts in developing and distributing their vaccines.

Previously, Parton stated that she refrained from getting vaccinated until more people had access to it, as she did not want her donation to result in any preferential treatment. “Once I receive it, I will likely do so on camera to be transparent about any symptoms,” she stated. “Hopefully, it will serve as an encouragement for others. I won’t cut the line just because I have the means to.”

Following her vaccination, Parton reinforced her belief that the world can hasten its return to normalcy by ensuring that everyone receives their vaccinations as soon as possible. “Hence, I’d like to urge all the hesitant individuals out there to shed their fears,” she urged. “Step up and get vaccinated.”

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