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Disneyland Visitors Briefly Stranded on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Attraction


Disneyland Visitors Briefly Stranded on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Attraction

Credit: Unsplash

Call me overly cautious, but each time I board a theme park attraction, I mentally assess what my response would be if the ride suddenly halts. Whether it’s a carousel, a swing ride, or an upside-down roller coaster, I prepare for the unexpected scenario where the ride grinds to a temporary stop, leading to an uncertain wait. This precaution could have come in handy for some visitors who found themselves stuck on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean during the recent weekend.

During the Halloween festivities, a cluster of guests at Disneyland in California embarked on the iconic pirate-themed boat voyage. Initially, everything proceeded smoothly until the ride unexpectedly halted.

“We had just reached the part of the ride where the female pirates are chasing the male pirates in circles, and Jack Sparrow is peering out from a barrel at a pirate discussing the whereabouts of hidden treasure,” recounted Brian Rokos, a California native, to SFGATE. “Suddenly, everything came to a stop.”

Rokos and the other visitors remained in their boats for around 20 minutes while the staff likely attempted to resume the ride, until the lights flickered on and an announcement instructed the staff to help the visitors exit. Fortunately, there was no sense of panic, not even among the young ones, though it took another 20 minutes before staff members in waterproof boots emerged in the tunnel to lend a hand. Unable to navigate through the water, the staff member manually guided the boat along the track until reaching a safe spot. After everyone safely disembarked, they were offered Fast Passes as a gesture of goodwill, and they were also commended for their patience with the staff.

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