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Disney World Unveils Pricing for ‘Star Wars’ Hotel


Disney World Unveils Pricing for ‘Star Wars’ Hotel

Credit: Unsplash

Visiting one of Disney’s prominent theme parks has always been quite costly. People who ever mentioned that the magic in your heart is priceless have probably never had to pay a significant amount for a churro. Disney has frequently offered package deals including park tickets and accommodations at their nearby hotels, presumably to help families save some money while keeping them on-site. However, if you plan on staying at the newest Disney resort, don’t expect to have much money left in your pocket.

The upcoming Star Wars-themed lodging by Disney, the Galactic Starcruiser, located near Walt Disney World in Florida, has been in the spotlight for some time now. Allegedly, this hotel will be one of the most innovative ones Disney has ever crafted. It offers various forms of entertainment and interactions with characters, along with a lightsaber encounter similar to the one at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge park. Each guest’s entire visit is fully customized, featuring luxurious Star Wars-themed rooms.

Naturally, with investments in unforgettable experiences comes a steep price tag, and guess who’s expected to cover it? Yes, indeed, it’s you. A two-night stay at this establishment, inclusive of entry to Disney Hollywood Studios, will set you back around $4,809 for two adults. If you include a single child, the cost rises to $5,299. To put things into perspective, this is more expensive than a stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel, a two-day voyage on the Disney Wish cruise liner, or even a Disneyland wedding. And this doesn’t even take into account additional suite options.

I’m honestly unsure who could afford an adventure of this magnitude, but I suppose Disney only needs a few devoted Star Wars enthusiasts to break even on the investment. We’ll see how it pans out when the hotel opens next spring.

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