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Disney World Reveals Pricing for ‘Star Wars’ Hotel


Disney World Reveals Pricing for ‘Star Wars’ Hotel

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A trip to one of Disney’s major theme parks has always been rather prohibitively expensive. Anyone who ever said you can’t put a price on the magic in your heart has never had to cough up double digits for a churro. Disney has often sold bundle deals with park entry passes and stays at one of their local hotels, presumably as a way of saving parents a few bucks while keeping them on-property. If you’re planning at staying at the newest Disney hotel, though, don’t expect to walk out with any cash left in your wallet.

The existence of Disney’s Star Wars-themed hotel under construction near Walt Disney World in Florida, the Galactic Starcruiser, has been known for a while now. Supposedly, this hotel will be one of the most advanced Disney has ever put together. It has all kinds of entertainment and character encounters, plus a lightsaber experience similar to the one at the Galaxy’s Edge park in Disneyland. A guest’s entire stay is completely bespoke, with fancy Star Wars-themed hotel rooms.

Of course, with investment into unforgettable experiences comes a high cost ceiling, and guess who’s footing the bill? Yep, it’s you. A two-night stay at this hotel, which also includes admission to the Disney Hollywood Studios park, will run you approximately $4,809 for two adults. That increases to $5,299 if you add a single kid. To give you a frame of reference, that costs more than a stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel, two days on the Disney Wish cruise ship, or a Disneyland wedding. And that’s not even including additional suite accommodations.

I’m honestly not sure who would be able to afford an experience like this, but I guess Disney will only need a handful of die-hard Star Wars fans to break even on the development. We’ll find out when the hotel opens this coming spring.

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