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Disney Seeks Patent for Authentic Lightsaber


Disney Seeks Patent for Authentic Lightsaber

Credit: Unsplash

Lightsabers hold universal appeal. Even individuals not particularly enamored with Star Wars find themselves captivated by lightsabers. They embody the elegance of a traditional katana intertwined with the fantastical technology of a distant galaxy. Every aspect, from the hilt design to the unique sounds they produce, is truly iconic. Throughout history, enthusiasts have tirelessly endeavored to create their own versions, be it through actual replication or intricate toy adaptations. While some high-end collectibles do feature an elongated, cumbersome bulb, the inability of these replicas to retract diminishes the enchantment. Fortunately, enchantment is precisely Disney’s expertise.

Disney has officially submitted a US patent for a distinct lightsaber design, likely intended for integration at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park within Disney World. To be clear, this invention does not constitute a genuine lightsaber capable of slicing through steel doors or disintegrating adversaries (though one can’t entirely discount the possibility of Disney exploring such technology in the future). Rather, it represents a novel form of lightsaber toy featuring an extending, fully illuminated blade. This is not akin to the inferior toy lightsabers with telescopic blades; the entirety of the blade emerges with a simple push of a button.

Deciphering the intricacies of the patent can be challenging for the average person, but VR specialist Ben Ridout posted a series of tweets to elucidate the workings behind the design. It functions akin to a reverse-operating tape measure, featuring two spring-loaded, circular disks that extend from the hilt. Affixed to these disks are a string of flexible LEDs that illuminate the blade. Details remain unclear concerning the durability of the blade material or the potential inclusion of motion-sensing technology found in other collectible sabers. Nevertheless, even should this encompass the extent of its features, it’s reasonable to presume that a release from Disney will prompt considerable demand, provided they aren’t strictly intended for prop implementation.

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