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Director Johannes Roberts Talks About Fresh ‘Resident Evil’ Film


Director Johannes Roberts Talks About Fresh ‘Resident Evil’ Film

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From the start of the 2000s, the Resident Evil movies have had a tendency to lean towards the absurd. While the source material, the Resident Evil video games, are no strangers to a sense of exaggeration, the films usually focused more on over-the-top action sequences than on a deep storyline or character development. Johannes Roberts aims to change this approach with the new Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, a movie adaptation based on the narratives of the initial two Resident Evil games.

In a conversation with IGN, Roberts expressed his fondness for the original Resident Evil movies featuring Milla Jovovich, mentioning, “While I did enjoy the earlier Resident Evil films, they deviated from my interpretation of the franchise – they never truly captured the essence of the game and the emotions I felt while playing it (this is not a critique, it just took a different direction). I desired to delve back into the horror aspect. I yearned for tension and a spooky ambiance rather than relentless action. I believe that fans of the game shared the same sentiment – they wished to witness the iconic characters and settings and sense that the film resonated more with the Resident Evil gaming universe, which is why we decided to pursue that direction.”

Roberts intends to steer away from the polished, futuristic look of the prior trilogy and return to the eerie filth of the devastated remains of Raccoon City. “The remake of the second game had a significant impact on me, and I wanted to capture the dark, atmospheric essence it possessed. It felt remarkably cinematic. The past movies were vibrant and glossy, whereas this film is somber and murky, entirely filmed during the night. Rain is incessant and the town is enveloped in mist.”

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is set to premiere in theaters on November 24, 2021.

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