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Demolition of Dutch Overpass for Jeff Bezos’ Luxury Yacht


Demolition of Dutch Overpass for Jeff Bezos’ Luxury Yacht

Credit: Unsplash

Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon and one of the wealthiest individuals globally, is overseeing the construction of a new massive yacht at a shipyard in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. This opulent yacht is expected to measure around 417 feet in length, a hallmark of Bezos’ lavish lifestyle. Regrettably, no prior checks were conducted to ascertain if the vessel could navigate out of the port before its construction commenced.

Standing between the shipyard and the open sea is the historical Koningshavenbrug Bridge of Rotterdam, initially erected in 1878 and rebuilt following a bombing during World War II in 1940. This bridge holds significant historical value for the city. Despite the city council’s assurance after its 2017 restoration that it would remain untouched, the only viable solution to enable the passage of Bezos’ colossal yacht is to dismantle a section of the bridge.

A segment of the Koningshavenbrug Bridge will be deconstructed temporarily to facilitate the safe passage of the yacht into the open waters, with plans to reassemble it afterward. The Rotterdam Mayor’s office released a statement affirming that the dismantling process would inject economic activity and employment opportunities into the city. They assured the citizens that the bridge would be fully restored upon completion. Nonetheless, the locals of Rotterdam are displeased about sacrificing their iconic bridge to accommodate a luxurious yacht.

“While employment opportunities are valuable, there are boundaries to preserving our industrial heritage,” shared Ton Wesselink, a Rotterdam citizen and local history enthusiast, with Dutch News.

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