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Decrease in Unemployment Rate Reached a New Low since the Pandemic


Decrease in Unemployment Rate Reached a New Low since the Pandemic

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The most recent data released by the US Department of Labor shows a continued decline in new applications for unemployment benefits, indicating a positive trend towards economic recovery post the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic is ongoing, we have reached a stage where daily operations can resume safely, reflecting positively on the job market.

For the week ending on July 10, new claims fell to approximately 360,000 nationwide, marking a decrease of around 26,000 from the previous week. These figures align with earlier predictions made by analysts at the Wall Street Journal. Despite the decline from the peak in March and April 2020, initial claims still remain significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels, hovering around 200,000.

“While layoffs are slowing down, initial claims are gradually decreasing, but they are still far above the numbers seen before the pandemic,” noted chief economist Gus Faucher from PNC Financial Services. “The number of individuals receiving some form of unemployment insurance now stands at almost 14 million, a stark contrast to the 2 million pre-pandemic.”

During the peak of the pandemic, many individuals either faced layoffs or were compelled to resign from their positions, leading to an excess of unfilled job vacancies. Some continue to prefer staying at home due to lingering COVID-19 concerns, while others have prioritized spending time with their families, especially with children still undergoing remote learning. Certain surveys indicate that roughly 1.8 million Americans are currently unemployed because enhanced unemployment benefits provide them with a more comfortable income compared to their previous jobs. This has prompted businesses and policymakers to consider ending the supplementary benefits earlier in an effort to incentivize people to re-enter the workforce, instead of pursuing a minimum wage increase.

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