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Deceiver on Tinder Now Facing Lawsuit Worth Millions


Deceiver on Tinder Now Facing Lawsuit Worth Millions

Credit: Unsplash

The activities of Simon Leviev, also known as Shimon Hayut and famously dubbed the “Tinder Swindler,” have come to light following the airing of the Netflix documentary bearing the same title. Hayut managed to deceive multiple women on the dating platform Tinder, extracting over $10 million from them through intricate narratives and persuading them to lend him money, only to vanish afterward. His motivation for changing his identity was to exploit the reputation of the renowned Israeli Russian diamond magnate Lev Leviev’s family. Hayut is now facing a legal action for his illicit deeds, albeit interestingly, the lawsuit is instigated not by his victims, but by the family whose identity he falsely assumed.

The Leviev family is taking legal action against Hayut due to “misrepresenting himself as Lev Leviev’s son and obtaining various privileges (including financial benefits),” as outlined in a lawsuit filed in Tel Aviv. The lawsuit further alleges that Hayut astutely utilized false claims, asserting his affiliation with the Leviev Family and the assurance that his family would cover his expenses and advantages.

“This legal proceeding marks the start of several lawsuits that our legal team is presently handling,” stated Guy Ophir, the Leviev family’s legal counsel. “In the upcoming phase, we will pursue a financial claim against Hayut and any other collaborators working with him, which include certain websites engaged in partnerships with Hayut and/or have solicited to purchase appearances from him. Anyone seeking to profit from this scheme will be subject to legal action.”

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