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Debut Trailer Unveiled for ‘Clifford the Gigantic Crimson Canine’


Debut Trailer Unveiled for ‘Clifford the Gigantic Crimson Canine’

Credit: Unsplash

‘Clifford the Gigantic Crimson Canine’ stands out as a beloved figure in the realm of children’s entertainment. Emerging in the 1920s, this character has made its mark in children’s literature and television. The origin story of Clifford never appeared to be a pressing query; simply a massive red dog existing, embraced by all. Yet, it seems that someone saw a narrative worth exploring. Hence, an origin tale unfolds, presented in live-action format.

Paramount has unleashed the initial trailer for the forthcoming live-action Clifford film, featuring Darby Camp as Emily Elizabeth Howard, a timid adolescent who stumbles upon the colossal canine in a mysterious tent. The overseer of the tent, depicted by John Cleese, discloses that Clifford’s size will scale in tandem with Emily’s affection, prompting the dog’s transformation into a colossal creature, subsequently becoming a formidable challenge for Emily’s Uncle Casey portrayed by Jack Whitehall.

The trailer refrains from delving deeply into the plotline, opting for swift instances of gigantic canine antics. However, an authorized summary from Paramount reveals that Emily must shield Clifford from a questionable biotech corporation aiming to abduct him for genetic experiments to alter animal sizes. Noteworthy, the trailer is set to the backdrop of “Dynamite,” a chart-topping track by Kpop sensation BTS, likely contributing to the buzz surrounding the trailer.

‘Clifford the Gigantic Crimson Canine’ is scheduled for a cinematic debut on September 17, 2021. The film’s official Twitter is currently hosting a charitable initiative, pledging a $1 donation to the Best Friends Animal Society for each like garnered by the trailer tweet.

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