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Dave Chappelle Attacker Not to Face Felony Charges


Dave Chappelle Attacker Not to Face Felony Charges

Isaiah Lee won’t face felony charges, though he is still on the hook for misdemeanors.

Earlier this week, comedian Dave Chappelle was performing at the Hollywood Bowl as part of Netflix is a Joke: The Festival, a stand-up comedy festival sponsored by Netflix. At the end of his performance, Chappelle was suddenly tackled on stage by man later identified as 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, who was arrested and removed from the scene.

Lee has been charged with four misdemeanors, including including battery and possession of a weapon, as he was holding a replica gun with a folding knife blade on his person. However, as the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday, Lee will not be facing felony charges for his crime.

“After reviewing the evidence, prosecutors determined that while criminal conduct occurred, the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct,” DA spokesperson Greg Risling told CNN.

Meanwhile, the owners of the venue are taking new security measures into account in order to better ensure the safety of performing talent. “We are reviewing our existing procedures both internally and with the assistance of outside experts so we can continue to provide a safe and secure environment at the Hollywood Bowl,” Sophie Jefferies, public relations director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, said in a statement. “We have implemented additional security measures, including an increased number of security personnel on-site to assist with bag checks and other security procedures.”

As for Chappelle, while he was shaken by the attack, he managed to continue the show without further incident, and is currently offering his full cooperation to local law enforcement as they pursue their investigation.

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