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CVS Launches Contest to Encourage Vaccination


CVS Launches Contest to Encourage Vaccination

Credit: Unsplash

At the start of this week, approximately half of the total US population has gotten at least one dose of the three available COVID-19 vaccines, and about 40% have completed the full vaccination process. Progress is being made, yet it remains uncertain if President Joe Biden’s target of 70% of people receiving at least one shot by July 4 will be achieved.

Since the vaccination initiative began, numerous prominent companies have been providing rewards to the vaccinated to encourage those who are hesitant. These incentives range from simple perks like complimentary donuts from Krispy Kreme to larger initiatives like statewide lotteries. The newest entrant in offering rewards is CVS, opting for a format reminiscent of daytime game shows.

Commencing from June 1 until July 10, CVS will host the “One Step Closer” sweepstakes. Individuals who schedule one or both of their vaccine shots at a CVS pharmacy can participate to win from a pool of 1,000 different prizes. The prize bundles are quite impressive, with offerings such as tickets to the 2022 Super Bowl, a $5,000 fund for a major post-pandemic family gathering, and even passes for a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line.

CVS mentions that the objective of the sweepstakes is to “address hesitancy gaps,” a move that could prove valuable given recent CDC surveys indicating that at least 17% of adults aged 18 and above are hesitant towards vaccination.

While these incentives might appear somewhat unconventional, their effectiveness is evident. Ohio has initiated a statewide lottery offering a $1 million prize for vaccinated individuals, and state data indicates that the lottery has increased vaccination rates by an impressive 45%.

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