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Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk Announces Progress on Next Season of ‘Squid Game’


Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk Announces Progress on Next Season of ‘Squid Game’

Credit: Unsplash

Ever since its recent debut on Netflix, the South Korean series Squid Game has soared to the heights of popularity. A large number of viewers worldwide have indulged in its captivating storyline, appealing to people of various backgrounds and age groups. Interestingly, even my own parents, upon watching it, revealed that many of their peers’ children had recommended the show to them. This Halloween saw a surge in Squid Game costumes, although certain schools opted to prohibit students from donning them due to the show’s mature content. Given its widespread acclaim and the suspenseful conclusion of the first season, the burning question on everyone’s lips has been the possibility of a sequel. According to the series’ mastermind, there is indeed more in the pipeline.

During a recent gala for Squid Game at NeueHouse in Los Angeles, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk disclosed his ongoing work on a potential second season.

“Given the immense demand, adoration, and interest for another season, it seems inevitable for me to continue the journey with a second installment,” Hwang stated.

“While I have a general vision for it, it appears premature to delve into specifics about when or how it will transpire. Nevertheless, I can assure you that Gi-hun will resurface and undertake a significant mission for the world.”

Although Netflix has not officially greenlit the second season, discussions have already commenced. Barring any significant controversies, a future renewal seems highly probable.

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