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Contrary to False Reports, Biz Markie Remains Alive


Contrary to False Reports, Biz Markie Remains Alive

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Rumors suggesting the sudden demise of renowned rapper Biz Markie, known as the “Clown Prince of Hip-Hop,” emerged yesterday, causing a wave of sorrow among his supporters on Twitter. This misinformation led to an outpouring of condolences towards his loved ones. However, it’s important to clarify that he is very much alive, and those close to him urge everyone to refrain from spreading false information.

Dismissing the false reports, Biz Markie’s representative issued a statement to Rolling Stone, stating, “The news of Biz Markie’s passing is not accurate. Biz is currently receiving medical attention from a dedicated team of professionals prioritizing his well-being.”

Although Biz Markie isn’t deceased, he is currently receiving treatment in a medical facility. While the specifics of his condition remain undisclosed, it appears to be serious enough to necessitate close monitoring. Even though the reports are inaccurate, his family is grateful for the supportive messages.

Expressing their gratitude for the love and support pouring in, Biz’s spouse and relatives are humbled by the sentiments shared by his friends, colleagues, and fans. The representative emphasized the importance of continued thoughts and prayers during this challenging period.

Biz has faced health challenges in the past. In 2010, he was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, a condition he took seriously and made significant lifestyle changes to manage. Reflecting on his journey, Biz Markie shared with ABC News in 2014, “I wanted to live. If I didn’t make the changes, it was going to make the diabetes worse… A lot of things could happen.”

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