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Conan O’Brien Declares Conclusion of TBS Show


Conan O’Brien Declares Conclusion of TBS Show

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Conan O’Brien is widely recognized in the realm of late-night television. Prior to hosting his own program on TBS, known as Conan, he led NBC’s Late Show for a considerable period post-1993, succeeding David Letterman. Ever since the inception of Conan in 2010, O’Brien has been tirelessly gracing the screen nearly every evening, sharing humor and engaging in conversations with guests, his distinctive crimson hair subtly swaying. However, all journeys must reach their destination, and in O’Brien’s case, that conclusion arrives in June.

During the recent broadcast of Conan, O’Brien revealed that after 11 years, the talk show is gradually winding down towards its finale. The last episode is scheduled for June 24 and will include a retrospective of O’Brien’s beloved moments, special appearances, and perhaps a sprinkle of surprises.

“We are set to craft, what I believe, will be a truly enjoyable and unique setting, full of joy,” O’Brien remarked. “And, I would like to highlight that for 11 years, the individuals at Turner have been exceptionally kind to me and all of us here on the team. They offered me a sanctuary when I needed it most, and I am forever thankful and immensely proud of what we have achieved here. Therefore, what I wish for is to reminisce over the past couple of weeks, reliving all the delightful mayhem my team and I have orchestrated.”

Following the closure of his current show, O’Brien will commence devising a novel program to be broadcast on HBO Max. This agreement was publicized in November, intending to bring forth a variety show akin to Conan but with distinct elements.

“The idea is to resurface on HBO Max in the upcoming days with, what I believe, will be my fourth rendition of a show. Picture a culinary spectacle featuring marionettes and you’ll be off track,” O’Brien playfully added.

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