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Coke Zero Sugar Updating its Formula


Coke Zero Sugar Updating its Formula

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Being a connoisseur of popular trends, I possess a deep understanding of the 1985 incident involving New Coke. For some cause, Coca-Cola altered the formulation of their regular Coca-Cola variety, rebranding it as “New Coke.” This modification involved switching to high-fructose corn syrup instead of traditional sugar, altering its sweetness profile. Nearly everyone despised it to such an extent that Coca-Cola had to reintroduce the original variety as “Coke Classic,” although some have long suspected this was a calculated marketing tactic to bolster Coke sales. The key takeaway is that any efforts to adjust Coke’s formulation have been viewed with skepticism since then, to put it mildly, and it appears the same applies to its offshoots.

This week, Coca-Cola disclosed that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (technically distinct from original Coke Zero but referred to here as “Coke Zero Sugar” for simplicity) would see modifications in both its formula and packaging. Rafael Prandini, North America’s Coca-Cola category lead, commented, “Acknowledging that tastes and preferences are always changing, we are committed to continual enhancement to provide consumers with the best-tasting Coca-Cola they desire – with zero sugar or calories – presented in the most iconic packaging and fueled by some of our most inventive, consumer-centric marketing efforts to date.”

CEO James Quincey mentioned, “Despite its considerable success, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar still represents a relatively modest portion of Coca-Cola’s brand.” He added that the improved recipe brings it closer in taste to the iconic Coca-Cola, and that this change was shaped by consumer feedback and the company’s dedication to ongoing enhancement.

However, it appears their “consumer feedback” may have been flawed, as initial samplers of the new Coke Zero Sugar have shown nothing but distaste for it.

Whether Coca-Cola will respond to this outcry by reintroducing “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Classic” remains to be seen.

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