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Coca-Cola’s Upcoming Special Flavor is ‘Dreamworld’


Coca-Cola’s Upcoming Special Flavor is ‘Dreamworld’

Over the recent months, Coca-Cola has been gradually introducing their collection of Coca-Cola Creations, unique variations of their primary drink with peculiar, often abstract (yet admittedly delightful) characteristics. Today, Coca-Cola has revealed their next Creations item, and this one ventures even further into abstraction compared to its predecessors.

The fourth beverage in the Coca-Cola Creations series is named Coke Dreamworld, a Coca-Cola concoction that supposedly captures the essence of… your dreams.

“Our objective was to craft a dream-infused beverage that retains the signature Coca-Cola essence but also incorporates elements that convey the whimsy and vibrancy of dreaming,” a spokesperson for Coca-Cola shared with CNN via email.

“We drew inspiration from the vivid, colorful realm of dreams, infusing our classic Coca-Cola taste with a splash of lively flavors,” the spokesperson continued.

Dreamworld will hit the shelves on August 15 in both regular and sugar-free variations. According to initial testers of the beverage, it offers a hint of zesty sweetness, somewhat akin to tropical fruits. Much like the previous Creations flavors by Coca-Cola, Dreamworld containers will have a QR code for an augmented reality music fest, featuring original tunes, a virtual DJ, and interactive games that you can access by scanning the code.

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