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Coca-Cola Unveils ‘Pixel-Infused’ Soda | The Daily Wobble


Coca-Cola Unveils ‘Pixel-Infused’ Soda | The Daily Wobble

Not long ago, Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola Starlight, a fresh twist on their iconic beverage aimed at capturing the essence of outer space (whatever that might taste like). This move forms part of a novel approach to introduce unique flavors rooted in more conceptual ideas, designed to spark the curiosity of consumers.

“There’s been a lot of buzz and conjecture surrounding the enigmatic space-infused flavor,” revealed Oana Vlad, a strategic senior director at Coca-Cola, in an interview with CNN. “Our loyal followers are captivated – they’re enamored by the whimsical novelty. The abstract nature of these flavor profiles creates room for discourse and contemplation.”

Today, Coca-Cola revealed their latest addition to this lineup, and calling it “conceptual” would be an understatement. The freshest variation of Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, reportedly crafted to emulate the taste of the pixels composing a computer screen. “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte materializes the intangible essence of pixels,” Vlad emphasized. “It retains the classic Coca-Cola essence embellished with vibrant notes leading the way and culminating in a refreshing finish.”

Coca-Cola Byte was originally a virtual item launched in the online realm of Fortnite last month. The beverage will hit shelves in May, albeit solely available in Zero Sugar 2-packs.

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